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Fallon Fox Shares ‘Proof’ Transgender Athletes Don’t Have An Advantage – MMA Root

Fallon Fox presented the data in an attempt to refute the claim that transgender athletes have a physical advantage over cisgender athletes.

The topic of transgender women competing with cisgender women in sports has been a hot topic in recent months. This includes MMA, where transgender woman Alana McLaughlin made her victorious debut last September.

But before McLaughlin, there was Fallon Fox, who was the first transgender MMA athlete to gain media attention during her tenure as an active fighter from 2011 to 2014. Fox went 5-1 in her career, with her only loss to Ashley Evans-Smith of the UFC in 2013.

Unlike McLaughlin, Fox has received its fair share of criticism. In particular, she had a conflict with Joe Rogan and Ronda Rousey in 2014, which coincidentally is the last year she competed.

Eight years later, Fox took it upon herself to speak up again on behalf of transgender athletes competing against cisgender athletes, with a pair of social media posts sharing medical information that Fox believes disproves any claims that transgender women are better than cisgender women. . You can view the posts below.

“A new study has shown that transgender women who take HRT have their hemoglobin levels drop to the normal F range in just 3-4 months, their Vo2 Max in 4-6 months, and their muscles lose 9.4% of their muscle mass. in just the first 12 months of testosterone deprivation. ” she published along with an accompanying medical data chart.

“Trans athlete Isaac Hoenig is a trans man who has never taken HRT (testosterone) and he just defeated a trans woman, Leah Thomas, who has been taking HRT for over 2 years. Also, some cisgender women had faster results this time around than Leah Thomas,” she wrote, along with an article in which she shared an anecdotal story to support her argument.

Alana McLaughlin has yet to compete since her debut win. In the meantime, like Fox, she too comes out as an advocate for transgender people, including pursuing right-wing politicians for what she saw as anti-transgender legislation.

What do you think of Fallon Fox’s supporting evidence that transgender athletes have no advantage over cisgender athletes?

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