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Fear Training For Self-defense Survival

How Close Can You Simulate the Real Terror in Effective Self-Defense Training?

I get a lot of questions like this:

“Even though I have been studying Aikido for almost 18 years I have never felt confident that I would be able to deal with an initial adrenaline surge from the realization of an actual attack. It’s like telling you you have cancer and you are going die next month. How can you simulate something like that in a safe way? Can you scare anyone out of something and ask them to respond properly in a training environment? “

To answer your question quickly NO. There is no completely safe environment in which we can train a person to overcome the adrenaline response without the possibility of psychological damage. Even under the safest conditions, to put the mind in a state of true fear the stimulation of that state can cause some PTSD in some individuals.

We used to work with some of the hypnotic methods of brainwashing to put a person in a state of complete fear to see if they can overcome it and we found that some people had nightmares and other panic symptoms for some time after training.

Answer Fear Without Fear

One of the best ways to deal with the potential of an attack is to practice the fear reaction drills at all times. By training the right physical response to your hard wiring, you can put yourself in a better place than expecting the best.

The fear reaction uses your body’s natural, adrenaline-fueled response to sudden shock and fear. Have you ever been attacked by a beehive? Have you ever thrown a firecracker in your face or heard a shotgun? What did you do? Your whole body fell instantly and instinctively in the middle of its gravity, your back curved out defensively, your head sank between your raised shoulders, and your arms and elbows came around your face and neck. . Your stability strengthens your center of gravity in this way and increases your power and balance. Lowering your head, hanging your shoulders, and raising your arms, protect vital areas (especially your throat) from strikes and deceptive attacks on the back. And you tend to do all this naturally without any training (provided some false martial arts has not smothered your instincts). The fear reaction is an ideal place to protect and should not be replaced by a stylized kung fu stance.

What you do immediately after the fear reaction is critical, and must be simple and focused. Turn towards the attacker and hit like a banshee. Jab his chin, chop his neck, and spear your fingers straight into his eye sockets. Train them all so that they can be delivered like jaundice when you need them. Eye strikes are particularly naughty and difficult for the enemy to block. If you’ve ever accidentally poked in the eye, such as in a basketball game, imagine how devastating a purpose strike could be. Our book explores a whole series of drills related to this principle but for our purposes here, understand that you can “respond” to the natural fear of the body and invoke training. to not to provoke a state of terror.

If you are suddenly attacked then with little warning you will enter the physical response you drilled into your system. The trouble arises when you have too much time to think. Here your linear brain or ego will see or hear a threat and begin to think about what should be done. Since the linear mind had little or no experience with a serious attacker, the ego will go through a liturgy of useless provocation that will usually paralyze a person before the fight begins. Many criminals rely on this response to intimidate a victim so that they cannot provide proper protection.

Translation to Reality

If you are mindful of your surroundings and can focus on a destination at the same time, a criminal will usually look for a less conscious target.

If you have practiced attacking the attacker under different conditions you will have a chance to respond to an attack with your own attack.

If everything is working properly, during a real attack, you will experience all of the physical / psychological phenomena that give adrenaline. Getting the adrenaline response is really a good thing. Initially you will have the immobilized event but if you have trained for a good while the response will come at the first real contact by the attacker. If you are really well exercised in the forward attack or side attack you will usually fall into place and act almost automatically because you know of no other means of defense.

Correct your mind for survival

Ask yourself this question. If my child, wife, husband, parent or sibling were attacked in front of me would I come to their aid? If you answered yes, you have the right intention to respond as well as hard core training to save yourself.

I remember sometimes when the story seemed like I was afraid of a solid freeze or so it seemed. It usually took someone to strike me before I could respond and strike in response. This was when I was already trained to some extent but I was experiencing violence in my teens. I learned to properly implement the attack-the-attack modality (compressed by Brad Steiner) and this changed in a few weeks. I had a way to go now. Somewhere to let my adrenaline dump.

Some of my fellow officers are able to get into the mix without hesitation. Often they were not really trained but fought immediately. On the other hand, I found it hard to beat someone else without a proper reason, I think. I was wrong in these cases. The other officers were able to stop an attack before he could retreat. Often, because I was not attacked in time, the fight would become long and terrible. Sometimes the brave bad guy would fight all over and fight harder until I had to commit serious violence. Do not like!!

If you are afraid of being hurt then you will be hurt if you allow the wrong picture to enter your mind. The only picture you should see is where you are able to overcome the hostility. You can practice removing the view of the attacker from every imagined place. You can imagine the high threats of an attacker as you only hear the bell to fight and see yourself banging on the bit to get it.

Many of us are in our condition at a young age by being punished or controlled by adults through loud screaming or by physical pressure or strikes. We were not allowed to react violently against authority. This is one of the reasons why we freeze when a high – profile bully is attacked.

A realistic diligent practice based on the scenarios of all the fear reaction drills as well as attacking the attacker drills (which we don’t have space to go into here) will help you when you may be in a debilitating way. It is important to learn to take a step before the attack actually happens. This allows your nonviolent way to get out of the way of the first strike. After you have done the strike or fight you will be better able to take control of the opposition or control it with the various weapons you have taken or transported to the platform.

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