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FEN 35: Aleksandr Gorshechnik defeats Adrian Zieliński by unanimous decision of judges

Alexandre Gorshechnik (MMA 16-5-0) he made his successful debut in the cage of the Fight Exclusive Night organization. Ukrainian in the evening fight FEN 35 by unanimous decision defeated the judges Adrian Zieliński (MMA 20-11-0).

This is the 25-year-old’s second consecutive victory. In previous matches, Gorshechnik defeated Mikhail Shabliy, Ivan Rats and Oleksandr Fedonov, among others, while losing to Kiril Gorobets or Piotr Niedzielski. He fought in organizations such as Babylon MMA, WWFC and MMA Pro Ukraine.

Zieliński returned to the lightweight category, but he exceeded the allowable limit during the weigh-in. The Arrachion player Olsztyn recorded the second loss in a row. Earlier, by unanimous decision of the judges, Daniel Rutkowski beat him in the rematch for the start of 2019, when “Rutek” was also in the lead. In previous years, Zieliński has beaten players such as Danilo Belluardo, Fabiano Silva and Kamil Łebkowski.

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