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Fighting a Slugger or Brawler

Brawlers, or sluggers, are fighters who usually fight at medium range and rely on their punching power to try to win fights by striking out. Because their fights often end early at KO, they usually lack great endurance. Detectors or sluggers typically have an advantage over swarmers because they can stop their aggressive movement forward with their power, but a disadvantage against boxers / issuers who use their endurance, range and technical competence to push them over. many rounds.

Fight Slugger or Brawler

Beat Brawler through Them Move

Because brawlers don’t have a lot of endurance, you always want to get them moving. Never fight them toe-to-toe, but fight against them while they are always on the move.

This also helps to minimize their power. Unable to lay and establish a solid foundation, much of their power is taken away. If you get stuck in a corner, and a slug can establish their origins and use their whole body to throw pounds, you’re in trouble.

Beat Brawler and Straight Punches

When running circles around a brawler, use your jab and cross heavily. These are quick punches that you can throw to their head, and move away immediately. Hooks and uppers take more commitment to throwing, and give a brawler more time to start his own attack.

Circle them, throw a bribe, settle, throw 1-2, pivot away, keep moving.

Beat Brawler with Counterpunching

Because brawlers pounds are big and slower, they are susceptible to anti-compression if you can confuse them.

Remember, don’t try to slip a punch and move inside for long combinations. The countermeasures against a brawler should be quick and hard, and then you move away immediately.

Beat Brawler by Protecting Your Body

Don’t forget to protect your body while fighting a slug. While knocking out are common headaches, slugs can deal many punishments in your heart, weaken you and make you an easy target for knocking.

If you need to get a strong hit from a strong person, make sure you know how to take a right beat, and make sure you have a strong developed heart. This could be the difference between a fight against a losing brawler and a win.

Beat Brawler by Using the Clinch

If a brawler goes inside, they can be devastating. If a brawler reaches these positions in your face, don’t hesitate to hire them in a clinic. While clinching is not nice, it is involved in all boxing strategies, and must be used when the situation requires it.

Remember to move immediately when the clinic ends.

Brawler Beat Waiting Patient

Ultimately, you have to wait patiently against the brawler. You can’t “play their game,” but you have to take your time and win points. Be in a better position, be smart, and be patient.

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