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Fighting in the Age of Loneliness: Supercut edition

Fighting in the Age of Loneliness: Supercut edition

This is all thanks to you. We’ve reached a million subscribers and it’s a crazy feeling to finally say that. We’ll have more, but to begin with, we wanted to show our gratitude by presenting it in its entirety, the re-packaged Struggle in the Age of Solitude. Jon Bois and Felix Biederman assembled this documentary a few years ago, started the process in 2017 and released it in November 2018. Many of you weren’t around at the time, many of you may not have watched all of our belongings. then, many of you may need an excuse to kill two hours right now. Jon’s work meant a lot to our team and our audience for a long time, so we felt there was no better way to say “thank you” than with this special project. We really cannot express our gratitude enough. The community you help us build means the world to us, and that’s something we never really expected could be achieved. It won’t be the last time we say this, but thank you. Subscribe: Enter the Secret Base: Follow us on Twitter:

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