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Fighting With The Stress

Not many people knew the word stress a few years back. But in the last decade or so it has not only become popular but it has become a common symptom in humans. As we know that every action has a fair and contradictory reaction, so does our life. Sometimes there are situations that worry us. These worries can cause stress when carried in our minds for a long time. There are three types of stress in common:

• Acute Stress – Our mind is responding to any terrible event that can create emotional imbalance.

• Acute Episodic Stress – When acute episodes begin to occur more frequently then episodic acute stress may occur.

• Chronic Acute Stress – If the acute stress is ignored for a long time then it enters the phase of chronic acute stress.

To combat stress it is very important to know – are we really a victim or not? So before we start to cure it, we should first check the symptoms of it and then take any further measures. Some of the symptoms of stress are:

– Longtime headache.

– Insomnia.

– Stomach problems like constipation, diarrhea.

– Sudden increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

– Dizziness, nausea.

– Muscle pain.

– Thinking more about something.

When you come across these symptoms in yourself or anyone it is always good to seek medical advice to get a better insight into the situation. A doctor can help you get rid of what you think is stress. Stress is something that cannot be treated with medications but can only be handled by knowing your inner self.

It is important to take advice from a doctor, but there should also be some effort from your end. Here are some tips to help you fight stress:

– Avoid caffeine.

– Try to sleep more.

– Try other meditation and relaxation techniques.

– Talk to your loved ones.

– Try to take control of your mind.

– Spend more time with friends and people who make you happy.

Other than these tips the only thing that is extremely important is to never surrender to yourself. Mind -‘It’s not the stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it ‘. So try to act smart, and fight with him as a warrior.

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