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Floyd Mayweather Jr – How to fight someone faster than you. Swipe for Parts II, …

Floyd Mayweather Jr – How To Fight Someone Faster Than You. Swipe for parts II, III and IV. for more tips and tricks from the greats. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Zab Judah. Mayweather had some issues with Zab’s speed at first, but he quickly adjusted his tactics to better cope with Zabs’ speed. Floyd moved up to a high guard, which allowed him to better handle Zab’s 1.2 rapids. Floyd also became more aggressive, following the cornering advice of putting Zab on the back foot, making it much harder for Zab to use his speed when fighting on the back foot. Body punches were another Floyd tactic as well, leveling up when targeting the body to slow Zab down during a fight. Finally, Floyd would use the header to the right, a common tactic against left-handers, but Floyd would also intervene by throwing the header to the right, much like previous greats such as Henry Armstrong, Roberto Duran, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr and Dwight Qawi, which I have all of them. covered in previous combat studies.

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