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Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul exhibition bout reportedly moved to June 5 on Showtime PPV – MMA Root

It looks like the long-awaited show fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul has a new date.

According to a post from The Athletic, Mayweather and Paul tentatively agreed to meet on June 5 to show the showcase fight, which is expected to air on Showtime pay-per-view.

Initially it was reported that it will take place back in February, the exhibition fight has been rescheduled, but now Mayweather is advertising the fight again, posting on Instagram about possible landings for this event. Mayweather has listed Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas and Atlanta as potential hosts for the Paul fight, but it remains to be seen if fans can attend.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that Mayweather’s team is on the move for June 6 in Miami. If the fight takes place there, Mayweather and Paul are likely to benefit from ticket sales as Florida kicks off the tournaments at full capacity starting at UFC 261 in Jacksonville this weekend.

Assuming the show bout is over, Mayweather will reportedly have to weigh no more than 160 pounds, while Paul cannot weigh more than 190 pounds. Despite the size advantage, Paul will be a monumental underdog who will do a lot against Mayweather, even in an exhibition match where no winner or loser is actually announced.

However, Paul enjoys a huge audience thanks to what he has built on YouTube as well as various social media platforms, not to mention Mayweather’s personal accomplishments as arguably the biggest win in combat sports history.

An interesting side note on the timing of this potential showcase fight is that Mayweather vs. Paul will come face to face with the upcoming fight between Teofimo Lopez and George Cambosos Jr. on the Triller Fight Club paid stream.

The social media platform, which rapper Snoop Dogg is believed to be one of the co-owners, hosted a massive event over the weekend in which Logan’s brother Jake destroyed former UFC fighter Ben Askren, and pay-per-view sales reportedly surpassed a million purchases.

Boxing legend Evander Holyfield will also return to the ring in the next main event with Lopez and Kambosos to face Kevin McBride in an exhibition match.

With both events expected to happen on a pay-per-view basis, Mayweather vs. Paul will take on Lopez vs. Camboso in one night in a veritable confrontation between stellar power and competitiveness.

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