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Former UFC Fighter Luis Pena Arrested Again, Faces Two New Misdemeanor Charges – MMA Root

Former UFC Fighter Luis Pena Arrested Again, Faces Two New Misdemeanor Charges

The troubled former UFC fighter, Luis Pena, was recently arrested for the third time in recent months.

According to online arrest records, Pena was arrested on Monday and faces two new charges of misdemeanor and felony criminal mischief. No warranty has been specified. More details about the categories are currently unclear.

Pena had previously been arrested last October in Deerfield Beach, Florida on charges of domestic violence and assault. According to a possible cause, Pena is accused of hitting his girlfriend with a closed fist “several times”. Pena reportedly continued to hit his girlfriend while she was on the ground and the woman also suffered abrasions on her left wrist and a bite mark near her left knee.

According to the affidavit, another woman who saw the alleged attack tried to stop Pena and the fighter hit the woman in the eye with a closed fist. As a result, the woman fell to the ground and was left with a purple fracture in her eye as well as a rupture in her right elbow due to the fall.

In addition, Pena was arrested and charged with robbery with sudden abduction, battery and criminal disorder after an argument with his girlfriend on June 14. Pena allegedly broke the woman’s phone on the ground and punched her in the head and allegedly committed suicide. At the same time, Pena also wrote several posts on social media about his battle with mental health problems.

A member of the cast in season 27 of “The Ultimate Fighter”, Pena scored 5-3 during his tenure in the UFC. Most recently, he won a split triumph against Alex Munoz at the UFC at ESPN 22 on April 17th. Pena was released by the UFC after his second arrest in October.

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