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Former UFC two-weight champion Daniel Cormier recently stated that he would love…

Former UFC two-weight champion Daniel Cormier recently said he would like to see Dern test himself next against Jedrzejczyk and it’s a fight the American is interested in. to fight the former champion. “I’m not for any of them, any of these girls, I respect them all so much. But I will practice beating anyone who offers me. She was an ex-champion, Carla Esparza ex-champion, all the girls I think are ex-champions except Yan Xioanan. I think it’s like hitting against grappling, but at the next level, ”Dern said. “Because me and Nina, we were attacking against grappling but me and Joanna are even on the next level, you know?” I think it would be nice, I think it would be great. But I saw Joanna against Carla Esparza and I know she has a good defense against the takedown. So definitely my hands will have to be good enough for her to respect him and I think Joanna doesn’t respect almost anyone’s hands, just Weili Zhang and Rose. Other than that, she just keeps her pace moving. So I think it’s going to be a great fight, that would be really crazy. – @JoannaJedrzejczyk ✊🏼 – 📍 @Jedrzejczyk_Mma

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