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Francis Ngannou accuses UFC of trying to ‘discredit’ him: ‘Just do the interim without sabotaging me’ – MMA Root

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Francis Ngannou accuses UFC of trying to ‘discredit’ him: ‘Just do the interim without sabotaging me’

Francis Ngannou is unhappy with the way the UFC portrayed him in his absence.

The reigning UFC heavyweight champion – and the unanimous # 1 heavyweight champion in the global MMA Fighting rankings – has been scheduled to face interim title holder Cyril Gein at UFC 270 on January 22, but Ngannou’s intention didn’t last long. after defeating Stipe Miocic in March. He is particularly annoyed by the fact that ahead of Gane’s interim title fight with Derrick Lewis in August, UFC promo videos suggested that Ngannu would rather go on vacation than defend his first title defense.

On MMA hour On Wednesday, Ngannu clarified the situation, saying he had no problem with Gein claiming the heavyweight crown, and that his problems were solely due to the UFC portraying him in a negative light to make the interim title seem more challenging. important. …

“The only problem is how – because, for my part, I know it was a way of applying pressure – it didn’t feel right,” Ngannu said of marketing before UFC 265. “I feel so embarrassed that it isn’t “. doesn’t even bother me. I like what’s going on? Okay, let’s do it. What worries me is that in order to promote this fight, they tried to discredit me and pretend, “If you want to go on vacation, control yourself, and when you want to fight, we are here.” No, I want to fight and I haven’t been on vacation. And they use videos from Built in play this game, pretend to discredit me and show that I’m on vacation.

“It worries me because it is wrong. I know it’s not true, it’s just to discredit me, to control the narrative. I have no problem, if they want to do temporary, just do the intermediate without sabotaging me. “

Even more confusing to Ngannu is the fact that he wanted to fight again before the end of the year, but he was told that the main events of July and August had already been taken care of. The proposed date in June was too early for Ngannou because he was still dealing with visa issues that he had to leave the United States to solve, and because it was a relatively quick turnaround for the champion.

Ngannu became the heavyweight champion in March with a spectacular knockout of Miocic and also wanted to celebrate a little.

“Not to mention that they should give me at least time so that I can go home and present the belt for my people, for my country, for my family,” Ngannu said. “Why was the rush so bad? I have fought twice in the past two years, and what if I need to defend my title in two months? What is haste? What happened? Why can’t I have an average time like everyone else, three or four months? “

Ngannu added that the UFC wants him to sign an extension, which he and his team are not currently interested in, at least not under the current proposed terms. However, he also realizes that his champion status and the UFC’s ability to renew his contract as long as they continue to offer him fights within a reasonable time frame make his options more limited than some might think.

For now, Ngannu plans to make a more concrete decision after his fight with Gein in January. Ngannu noted that, as far as he knows, he will not become a free agent after January 22, whether he wins or loses.

“I didn’t sign a new deal,” Ngannu said. “First of all, there is a clause about the champion, and they tried to put pressure on the extension, but I didn’t sign a new deal, and I think that is mainly the problem. That’s what’s causing all these problems, because I don’t want to sign a new deal on certain terms.

“What doesn’t work for me because I don’t feel protected in these conditions – in the last two years I have fought twice, and I need to borrow money to live. It doesn’t bother anyone. I have no guarantee or protection, so based on this experience, I want to get something better, better terms of my contract and, obviously, pay what I deserve. “

Despite the far from ideal circumstances in which Ngannu is now involved, when he was offered, he admitted that he would be glad to stay with the UFC. Ngannu joined the promotion in 2015 and has since become one of the promotion’s brightest stars, beating reputable heavyweight players in flamboyant commercials.

“The UFC is a beautiful and enjoyable promotion,” Ngannu said. “I love being in the UFC. The only part that’s tricky right now is the behind-the-scenes part. But I love to fight. That’s for sure, I love the promotion, there is no doubt about it. I still hope this works. I still hope, I want it to work out. Until then, if it doesn’t work out, I can’t do anything. ”

Ngannu is bringing a five-win streak to his next fight, and losing will significantly change his career options because it will at least free him from the champion clause and possibly deal a blow to his star power. Presumably, the UFC will be very interested in retaining the powerful heavyweight.

If so, Ngannu said the only thing he wants is due recognition from the company, which he believes has been lacking lately.

“To be honest, this is not the feeling that I have,” Ngannu said when asked if he feels the UFC is keen to do business with him. “I may be wrong, but I don’t feel it, because, in my opinion, at the moment, judging by what I see, the UFC is trying to discredit me. Here’s what I know. And those who promote someone cannot work together to discredit him. You don’t do this with whoever you want to promote.

“What am I looking for?” Later added Ngannu. “First of all, I’m looking for respect, this is for a start. Then I try to get it right, I feel respected, at least they care. That’s all. I never asked for anything more. That would be enough for me. … I got the position in which I am engaged. I was not nominated, I was not appointed here, I deserve it. That means I deserve a little respect, just a little. I’m not that big of a problem, just a little known, that’s all. (Laughs) “.