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UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou says his low-ball contract rejection is at the heart of his problems with the UFC.

Ngannu will defend his heavyweight title for the first time against Cyril Gein at UFC 270 on January 22. The 35-year-old won the title against Stipe Miocic in March, announcing his reign as the new bad man on the planet with a spectacular knockout. …

However, his time as champion was marred by the backstage machinations of the UFC and, according to Ngannu, betrayal. Not only was an interim title fight staged less than five months after his reign, Francis believes his employer has done everything possible to “discredit him” ahead of the fight.

Ngannu’s problems with the UFC are rooted in the past. From Dana White’s words that his “ego got so out of hand” to being constantly overlooked during the title fight before he became champion, it’s hard to deny that Francis underestimated in the UFC. And this despite the fact that he revived the heavy division, spectacularly knocking out almost all the players in front of him.


Ngannu says he had to “borrow money to live” Under the current contract with the UFC

Now “Le Predator” is the latest in a long line of UFC fighters to publicly criticize the promotion for its less-than-generous reward methods.

Dissatisfied with his contract, Ngannu refused to sign an extension for some time. He currently has one fight left in his deal, but as a champion, he will remain on contract as long as the UFC continues to offer him fights, which precludes his ability to test the market as a free agent.

Speaking with MMA hour This weekFrancis said his failure to renew his contract is the main reason for his problems with the UFC.

“I haven’t signed a new contract,” said Ngannou (h / t MMA FIGHTING). “First of all, there is a clause about the champion and they tried to put pressure on the extension, but I didn’t sign a new deal, and I think that is mainly the problem. That’s what’s causing all these problems because I don’t want to sign a new deal on certain terms. “

Francis stands firmly at the negotiating table, hoping for a better deal. And this is understandable, given that he was in debt under the current contract.

“It doesn’t work for me because I don’t feel protected under these conditions – I have fought twice in the last two years and I need to borrow money to live,” Ngannu continued. “Nobody cares about it. I have no guarantee or protection, so based on this experience I want to get something better, better terms of my contract and, obviously, pay what I deserve. “

However, Ngannu still loves the UFC and hopes to be able to close the deal and continue to fight under his banner.

“The UFC is a beautiful and enjoyable promotion,” Ngannu said. “I love being in the UFC. The only part that’s tricky right now is the behind-the-scenes part. But I love to fight. That’s for sure, I love the promotion, there is no doubt about it. I still hope this works. I still hope, I want it to work out. Until then, if it doesn’t work out, I can’t do anything. ”

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