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Francis Ngannou’s manager responds to UFC president: “Let’s show fans our conversations”

Director Francois Ngannou He does not intend to remain indifferent to the words of the president of the UFC, who openly called him a liar on social networks. Marquel Martin refers to the words Dany Blanc comment on his statements. Martin offered to publish the talks on both sides.

The temporary heavyweight belt fight between Ciryl Gane and Derrick Lewis was announced yesterday. It wouldn’t be surprising if Ngannou won his league belt a few months ago and is ready to fight in September of this year. The UFC, however, decided not to include the champion in their plans and pitted Gane and Lewis against each other. The UFC president says he warned Ngannou’s manager and the fighter himself about this, but Martin, who represents the Predator company, disagrees.

Is your decision a shock to us because we said we can fight in September? Shock, because you threatened us with something like that after less than three months of shutdown, which you knew. Shock, because you were told that François needed time. It is true. I know you are very brash, but you try to put me down when I was respectful to you, Hunter Campbell and all your people? He says more about you than about me. I’m not even angry, I was more impressed that you paid attention to me.

Incompetent manager? I think we have done a very good job. In my opinion, you REALLY don’t like that Francis is represented not only by me but by a whole agency that you can’t control. Therefore, you are constantly trying to get represented by people who would act on your behalf. Let me say this – let’s show the fans EVERYTHING. E-mails, calls, messages, everything … A deal? I’m ready for the UFC to boycott me. I don’t depend on that, on you or on anyone. What do you think about it? Sincerely yours, your former employee, Marquel Martin.

Lewis’s fight against Gane takes place on August 7 at UFC 265 in Houston. It looks like Ngannou will face the winner of this game this year, but as you can see the relationship between the player and his team and the UFC organization is not the best at the moment. Also prominent in the heavyweight championship belt race are Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones, who has yet to make his Royal Division debut. The “Predator”, who is the champion in the up to 120kg category, has made it clear that he is ready to fight in the Octagon in September.

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