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Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir fought in the boxing ring against former IBF champion Steve Cunningham. But he continued to see MMA lineups as they swapped punches on Saturday at Thriller Fight Club.

“I have the most difficult transformation,” Mir told reporters after the defeat at Cunningham. “MMA, if we turn our head, our legs are already in place. … Many times when Steve slipped, you could probably see me look at his leg and say, “Oh, this is a sweep. Here’s the chop. And I can’t leave him, so that made it difficult too. “

The world has given himself an A for creating punching skills that he can apply in his next MMA fight. His mark for special boxing efforts against a man he called “the fastest guy I’ve ever fought” was lower.

The ex-champion still received a lot of positive from his performance. He did not graduate from Cunningham, and he also did not leave the world of combat sports without knowing the boxing skills that he honed in training camp with a quick knockout, helped by his 70 pounds on the opponent.

“I wanted to represent MMA by saying, ‘Hey, we are very good at boxing too,’” he said. “Obviously, beating the world champion in a boxing match was not an easy task. But if I lose a decision in six rounds, but I box well, that would be preferable to catching Steve in the first 30 seconds. “

The world would, of course, prefer to come forward in the struggle. At the same time, he saw the result as another step in his ongoing evolution as an MMA fighter. He compared his usual decathlon job while Cunningham trained in singles. Given Cunningham’s lead in the tournament, he felt he performed relatively well.

“I went with the sprinters,” he said. “I’m not going to give up my other competitions to become a sprint specialist because let’s face it: I will never be the best boxer in the world. I look like the most accomplished mixed martial artist. “

In other words, it was one of the most unique experiences he had ever experienced. From a match against the ex-champion to a “movie” atmosphere as he patiently waited behind the scenes for musical performances and undercard fighters to clear the way, the event was not like a UFC fight. But he has provided a lot of data for his next venture, whether it’s BKFC, with whom he previously signed, another boxing match, or a return to MMA.

Watch the full interview above.

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