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Free Live Stream: Glory 79

Glory “Collision 3” is only available as a pay-per-view and can only be purchased online at You can buy and stream pay-per-view from anywhere in the world for € 19.99, £ 17.99, or $ 24.99.

Check out the Glory 79 SuperFight series for for free! The coverage begins at 12 p.m. ET in the player below. Then visit to view the full Collision 3 PPV map featuring Rico Verhoeven versus Jamal Ben Saddik 3.

Free battle map:

Alim Nabiyev (169.3) vs. Troy Jones (169.3)
Serhii Adamchuk (143.1) vs. Aleksei Ulianov (142.9)
Matt Baker (186.5) vs. Serkan Ozcaglayan (184.1)
Stoyan Koprivlenski (154.1) vs. Bruno Gazani (154.1)

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