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Full Review of the Beowulf Movie

Why do people bother to make full CGI movies when there are actors to do the acting? I’m joking about the whole CGI movie titled Beowulf, staring at the voices of Angelina Jolie, & Anthony Hopkins to name the least. Whatever the reason for the whole CGI decision, I think Angelina Jolie & Anthony Hopkins look much better in real life. However, the two famous actors and actress in the film Beowulf CGI have embodied their images. I think more Beowulf video game endorsements are coming for both of them too in the future.

Beowulf is the best CGI (computer generated images) full animation film to date. The story of Beowulf in Denmark begins in about 502 ad in which a king joyfully stands with his contents and wealth in a great hall up to a monster giant, ugly as heck, twice as tall as the tallest man with burnt skin, interfering with the party & kills a lot of the King ‘s people. Just into the thickness of the action is the Beowulf movie.

The strange thing is that the monster, named Grendell does not kill the King Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins) in the movie Beowulf. The monster just calls him & then he disappears. The king and his people need a hero to destroy the monster. Beowulf knows about the news & comes to kill the “MonSTARrr” as he says it! Beowolf is captivated by the beauty and musical skills of the young queen, Weatlhow (Robin Wright Penn). Beowulf has no idea he’s about to meet a nice demon who can’t kill and seduce him.

The nimble Beowulf (Ray Winstone) & the agile cheers of his troops attract the hidden monster; Grendell & Beowulf manage to fatally wound it up. During revenge, Grendell ‘s mother (Angelina Jolie) kills Beowulf’ s remaining soldiers and hangs them upside down in the great hall while he is asleep and spare him for a personal reason. Now the point, as we saw the trailer, is where Beowulf confronts Grendell’s mother. I think she wants to see more than intentionally killing her son, Beowulf, to trace it to her lair in the movie Beowulf.

Beowulf attracts the promise of wealth and power from Grendell’s mother (Angelina Jolie). It’s a scene Angelina Jolie fans must not forget. As long as the horn of the golden dragon remained with her, Beowulf would be the most powerful and powerful king. Beowulf is helpless, not killing him and instead probably had a sexual relationship with the demon being in the movie Beowulf. Beowulf is surprised to know that he is rising so fast. He didn’t think he’d like the upcoming episodes.

King Hrothgar probably kills himself because he also feels guilty for losing his bastard monster son, Grandell & his demon mother. Before you know it; Beowulf has gray hair. You can expect the Beowulf movie to be similar or better than the only other CGI full movie I know of, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (2001). Secretly the golden dragon’s horn finds its way to Beowulf & questions the incident as a sign that his reign as invincible king is over. The phrase, “Sins of the father” harasses Beowulf & his son is probably a bastard demon who is harassing in his kingdom, ready to take over the throne of Beowulf & his Kingdom.

The most notable CGI (Computer Generated Images) work in the film Beowulf is the Dragon. In the stupendous battle against the Dragon, Beowulf is almost at its base. In a treacherous battle against the dragon, who is actually his son, Beowulf must sharpen his own hand in order to kill him. Clearly his monster son, the Dragon demon, does not want to kill him because he intends to try to kill the young lover of the queen & Beowulf. It’s as his son expresses his frustration that his father, Beowulf, is angry with his demon mother & himself. Too bad the particular aspect of the film is not dramatized in the film Beowulf.

Beowulf meets his ultimate enmity while fighting his own demonic son, the dragon demon & dies after killing his own monster son. Beowulf ‘s best friend seems to be the new king. Grendall’s mother (Angelina Jolie) comes to Beowulf’s funeral and meets the new king in her seductive routine. She probably intends to have offspring with every new king it seems. The film Beowulf is to follow. The Beowulf movie is like playing a video game, fighting in this fight, do this, do that, and cluster stories between them to make sense of your play.

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