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Georges St-Pierre Ruffled Feathers For Telling Young Fighters To Retire – MMA Root

Georges St-Pierre is considered one of, if not the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, yet he does not believe that wrestling is the best career path.

St-Pierre competed from 2002 to 2013 and returned for a fight in 2017 and fought 28 times as a professional. Although he made a ton of money and fame with his career, he says his advice to younger fighters is to retire.

“For many of them, my advice would be, ‘Hey bro, you should hang up your gloves and find a real job. Because I’ve seen this movie and it’s not a good ending, buddy, ‘”St-Pierre said on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (via LowKick MMA). “But if I tell them the truth, they get mad at me. … [They say], ‘He’s jealous and he’s arrogant.’

Georges St-Pierre GSP Zahabi
Image Credit: AP Photo / Ryan Remiorz

Part of the reason Georges St-Pierre wants the younger fighters to retire is because of the damage they take. Although the Canadian believes he is in good health, he is not sure how damaged his brain is. He has also seen the careers of several of his teammates terminated due to training incidents due to his health.

“I could have brain damage, but so far, I think I’m fine,” St-Pierre said. “I see guys sparring and they lose a lot of brain cells. I think the best way to improve is by playing. It’s crazy how many guys I’ve seen quit their gym careers because they train too much. “

Although St-Pierre wants the younger fighters to retire, the sport of MMA is only getting more popular, so there will only be more fighters. However, the hope is that they treat their bodies well so that they do not have to retire due to injuries and can retire because they please.

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