MMA Root

Give Me Knowledge

Hey I bet you want more information, not just any real solid intelligence you can use. It seems these days that there are so many places and ways to get information that many people are informed. Since you are reading this article, I am typing it into the search engine; “Inform me” and do you know why you instinctively wrote that? Are you.

Well it’s because you’re tired of the same old information and news, you need more substantial data and information. What you need is wisdom, because you are beyond the news, sport and weather or you need knowledge, real knowledge, not opinion or speculation but real life knowledge that you can use for you improve yourself and the people around you. Clearly a thirst for knowledge of something you have or would not ask you.

Now you would think that the first step is to ask the question; “Give me Information?” In fact this is one of the first steps to gaining knowledge, but another key ingredient is connecting with others who feel the same way, like a brainstorm or perhaps an online forum where others are also very experienced in many endeavors seeking wisdom and knowledge. Do you have some wisdom or some knowledge in a particular endeavor, would you like to share that in trade to learn from others? If so, you have indeed read the right article. Think about this in 2006.

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