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Grant Dawson on Controversial Draw with Ricky Glenn: ‘Get Over It’

Grant Dawson believes everyone should just move on, but is ready to compete again if the UFC asks.

Without a Brabo stranglehold in the late third round of his bout at UFC Fight Night 196, Dawson (17-1-1, 5-0-1 UFC) would have won his ninth straight fight. At least that’s what the Glory MMA standout believes about the filing attempt that allowed Ricky Glenn to score a 10-8 round, resulting in a majority draw. While Glenn claimed Dawson passed out from the stranglehold, Dana White’s Contender series denies the allegation, stating that he may have been around but was saved by the Bell.

“I wasn’t outside,” Dawson said. “But it doesn’t matter because even if I knocked out, they change it to a no-contest and what’s the difference between a no-contest and a tie? I wasn’t outside. The bell saved me 100%, the choke was very, very tight and I would have gone out if there had been more time. This is the game we play. If it hadn’t been for laps like this, I would have had his back for 15 minutes because the only reason he escaped my back control was because the lap was over and we had to get up again. You can complain about that, yes I would have run out if there had been more time, but that’s our game. It is what it is, man, get over it. I would have said exactly the same thing if I had lost, I would have pointed it out and said, ‘He’s passed out, he’s passed out.’ “

When asked if he would open up to a rematch with Glenn, KGD said he would do anything the Ultimate Fighting Championship asked him to do, but he doesn’t think a rematch would help either fighter’s career .

“I’m not in a position to make demands right now,” he said. “I’m coming after a draw in a co-main event where I was a -500 favorite, so I’m in no position to make demands. I’ll do whatever the UFC tells me, I’ll sit down, I’ll shut up, I’ll show up with weight, and I’ll fight anyone they ask of me. I’m in no position to say, ‘I want this or I want this’. Do I want to fight Rick Glenn? No, I do not do it. I don’t think it’s going to do anything for my career, I don’t think it’s going to help his career, I think it’s just something personal that he thinks he can beat me, I think I can beat him whatever always. When the UFC says the fight you get is the fight I’ll get. When the UFC says, ‘No, we have something else on our minds’, I’m a corporate guy right now. Whatever you expect from me, I’ll do. ”

The 27-year-old also talked about his upcoming vacation in Europe, praising his team partner at Glory MMA, Jeff Molina, and commenting on the latest cartoons he’s seen and the trailer for the film “Lightyear”.

Tudor Leonte began writing about mixed martial arts for Italian media in 2013. His journey with Sherdog began in 2018 and it now covers One Championship and countless European shows. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr.TudorLeonte.

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