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GROMDA Beach: ICEÓWA, BUBU and BRODACZ are back in the game!

Organization GROMDA is back with another barefoot gala! This time, the biggest boxing organization in Poland decided to organize a beach tournament in a holiday atmosphere!

We already know that Lodówa, Brodacz and Bubu will step into the ring in the next installment. Who else will join this group, and most importantly, contribute to the elite tournament? We will find out soon. In a week we should also know the date of the event!

GROMDA Beach, a barefoot summer tournament in which we will see the difficult rhythms of previous editions of the Gromda gal. Of course, there will be brave new faces and bloody, effective super fights.

BUBU, LODÓWA and BRODACZ are back in the game!

Who else of the famous GROMDA event heroes would you like to participate in the tournament? GROMDA. There is no soft game, especially on vacation.

What is GROMDA? What distinguishes the organization created by Mariusz Grabowski and Mateusz Borek?

GROMDA brings together players who compete in a small barefoot ring. At every gala we see a fierce tournament between eight Gromadziarzami and some great fights. Usually, 3-4 additional duels fill the map and allow us to enjoy the event longer. The organization’s first gala took place on June 6, 2020. The project gained ground and was relayed on social networks. The organizers bragged about the good sales of PPVs and decided to pursue their idea. It is now known that GROMDA attracts many fans in front of the screens and is an avidly commented sporting event on the Internet. The duels are good to watch, because Mariusz Grabowski got away perfectly with the rules of the fought battles. Competitors compete to the end if they do not settle their confrontation in 4 rounds of 2 minutes. The small boxing ring measuring 4 by 4 meters does not allow you to escape, and the absence of a weight limit guarantees heavy knockouts.

Due to the upcoming GROMDA gala, a ranking of the top six Gromdziarzy has appeared on social media. In the list, the king is Mateusz ‘DON GIEGO’ Kubiszyn, who rose to prominence after dealing with the popular ‘TYSON’. Second place goes to Tomasz Gromadzki. ‘ZADYMA’ is an extremely tough and courageous boxer, who will soon fight for gold with Kubiszyn. Vasyl Halych closes the stake – a Ukrainian boxer has performed at GROMDA galas since the very beginning. Bartłomiej Domalik is chasing the podium and he won’t stay in fourth place for long, as he recently eliminated all his rivals. Which of these men will we see in the summer edition?

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