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@dmx has played his part in MMA, thanks to @spiderandersonsilva and @ rampage4real Sports and fight music ♥ ️. If we ever watch fights together, you will be watching the entrances. I’m huge on hiphop. @frankieedgar was running me around the living room. Shout at @ trailblaze2top for coming to @lilbaby. It excites me. was no different, especially with two of the biggest stars the sport has ever seen. Makes you think of the days. Young Silva at the head of Japanese superstar @wandfc. Joining Wanderlei was Rampage Jackson, bitter rival and other legend in Japan. Fast forward to their days in the UFC, their legacy solidified. Different divisions, different stories. But, one thing these two shared in common, the love of DMX. At the height of their fanfare, these two entries were ICONIC. You can watch them and teleport back in time. It was a while. Hate it or love it, @thenotoriousmma has the same effect. Silva and Rampage have chosen to entrust one of the most difficult jobs on the planet to the same artist, DMX. Over the next few days, as we all remember, let’s take a moment to enjoy some of the most DMX moments the UFC and MMA have ever seen.

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