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Halle Berry Actually Cut Weight For MMA Movie ‘Bruised’ – MMA Root

Halle Berry did her best for her fictional fight with UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko in her film Bruised

Berry made her directorial debut with her passionate project called Bruisedwhich was released on Netflix earlier this month. He got the UFC advertising machine because of the story revolving around an MMA fighter seeking redemption, as well as featuring the likes of Shevchenko.

It turns out that Berry took her role in this film very seriously, as she explained in an interview. MMA fighters… Here she explained that in order to shape the mindset of the fighter and gain experience, she actually reduced weight before filming the fight scenes with the UFC champion.

“It was really a big part of me playing this character. I wanted to experience all aspects of a fighter’s life, which was absolutely possible. I wanted to understand what it was like, and as the director of the story, I felt like I needed to understand that. So the weight loss was probably a little more real for me than it was for Valentina. I trained a month and a half before, just to put on a good fighting weight. ” Berry said.

As it turns out, the amount of effort she put into this fight actually earned Halle Berry support from the one and only Keith Peterson. A serious, MMA veteran, MMA judge apparently praised her performance highly, saying that he felt like he was judging a real fight.

“I was building muscle and trying to lose weight at the same time, so I could really physically look like a real competitor to her. I remember the day we actually had a fight and we had Keith Peterson, the real UFC referee, and I remember the day he came to me and we did one of our scenes and Keith said, “ Oh my god , I thought. For a minute I was watching Valentina’s real fight. It was then that I realized that, oh my god, all this workout, weight loss, muscle building – it was all worth it, ”said Berry.

Regardless of how you feel about the film itself, it cannot be denied that Halle Berry put her heart and soul into it. Weight loss efforts are impressive dedication to say the least.

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