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Hermit Crab’s Aggressive Behavior – The Reason Why They May Get Locked Together

Hermit crabs have unique personality traits they are curious and active. They are unique and exotic pets with low maintenance requirements. These crabs are usually very social animals but sometimes have conflicts with other crabs.

These creatures have soft abdomens that require protection provided by shells. Crabs to not generate their shells are scavengers and take possession of an abandoned shell they find. As these crabs grow they need more shells for their homes.

If you want to avoid an attack between hermit crabs you may want to buy crabs that are similar in size. Unnecessary fights can lead to larger differences in sizes for crabs. When crabs are fighting one can be locked to the other shell.

Fighting among these creatures may be above choosing a shell of choice. If two crabs want the same shell for their home they will fight for it. These fights could lead to the death of one or both crabs. In order to avoid this type of conflict you should provide your pet with a wide range of shells. Choose a quality shell of different sizes and shapes. Also provide openings of different models for shells. Choose shells that have a different aperture – that is the size of the opening.

Another reason hermit crabs might start fighting is that they love to climb and crawl. When a crab encounters another crab it is likely to climb over or crawl under it. This could interfere with the crab being climbed or shrunk under and there could be a fight. If you provide rocks or other accessories for a pet crab that can climb over and crawl under this fighting behavior, it may be eliminated.

It is normal behavior for crabs to have “crushing contests” or “MP fights”. Are the ways these creatures get used to push competitions? When crabs run into each other their antennae will wave and their legs will flip. Feeler fighting is just a way of smelling these creatures. These usually happen because crabs donโ€™t believe in walking around something they just have to climb on or crawl about.

Feeler fights and crushing contests are harmless unless you look at one crab grabbing the shell of the other. A shell fight occurs when they do this and they start pushing the shell back and forth and try to open the shell. You may hear the crabs vibrating. This usually occurs in the wild, where wild crabs participate in shell fights.

During shell fighting the claws of the aggressive crab go inside the protective crab shell and the defensive crab has to shake it back and forth causing the defensive crab to leave its shell. The aggressive crab will get out of its shell and take out the defender ‘s shell. The loser will usually go into the winner ‘s abandoned shell. This usually does no harm to either hermit crab.

Another observed crab violence is when creatures tear each other apart or out of their shells resulting in the death of the crab. Sometimes crabs dig up moles and eat them alive! If you notice random feet in your aquarium notice a crab inside a โ€œvictimโ€ shell and you notice that the victim is dead in the sand or crawling around you know that there is an aggressive crab in your tank . You should take any live victims out of the tank and place them in a protected area for recovery. You should clean any sand or gravel from it and try to get it back into its shell. If it remains a shell it is only necessary to provide it with a remote, warm and humid area for recovery.

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