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History of Mondaine Watches

Mondaine is a watch company based in Switzerland. It has been a watch business since 1951. Mondaine is considered the official watchmaker of Swiss Railway. The brand is so in demand that no design range needs to be introduced. The brand’s key features are popular through its world-renowned ‘Railway Watch’. Hans Hilfiker, a famous Swiss Engineer, Designer and employee of the Swiss Federal Railways modeled a patented archetypal Railway Clock during the 1940s.

The hard work of this talented man paid off in 1986 when Mondaine gave shape to his listed watch version. The design thus created received several awards. This technological design concept was honored with a German Design Plus award. Apart from it, he also won the bronze prize of the Swiss Art Directors Club. And interestingly, he was also highly regarded by Sir Terence Conran at the London Design Museum.

The model that Mondaine thus made had to be a classic. If you ever get a chance to be in Switzerland, you may find more than 3000 Mondaine clocks at each station. In addition to rail watches, Mondaine makes wall clocks, table and desk and pocket watches in various design patterns. It also comes to the fore with a definite number of models inspired by modern art. You might expect to find the most classic design from the Mondaine belonging to the most punctual country in the world.

When it first launched its products, Mondaine watches were based on the clock that harmonizes the entire Swiss railway system. These Swiss watches that adorn the clock towers all the way through the Swiss Railway had a special look. It was essentially made as the official watch of the Swiss Railway after the influence of its design. His watches were almost distinguished from the red second-hand gyrates around the watch in the collection. Its models offer various features like dual-time zones, chronograph, world time and large date system.

Mondaine’s most famous assortment, the Evo, brought it a relentless mockery of the iconic clocks, close to the huge market coverage. On the other hand, the model 30332 went on to become the largest brand for a sequence of watches made by Mondaine. This time-lapse was launched in 1986 and its playful and detailed design has won numerous design rewards. An affordable ‘Retro timepiece’, a great and fancy watch, was mostly meant for the design conscious. Few of these had initial designs that gave it the necessary market capitalization as well as distinction of all kinds.

These exceptionally designed watches have already been seen in the anthropology of museums around the globe as well as the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A typically designed model pulled the previous full record in terms of sales that registered a huge demand pattern in almost all major markets.

Critics of Mondaine’s second-hand red watch, which stops a minute earlier until the next minute before moving on, received high praise from critics. Mondaine watches are so specific that they gain global respect as a piece of time. It is the only watch in the world that has received praise for its expertise from famous architects like Louis Henry Sullivan.

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