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History of Orient Watch

Who is Orient Watch?

“Orient Watch has always focused on mechanical watches, mainly automatic watches with its own in – house automatic movements Orient was part of the” Big Three “watch companies in Japan along with Citizen and Seiko. In the 70s, when mechanical watch companies Faced with hardship from the mass introduction of cheap quartz watches, Citizen and Seiko took the path of mass production of quartz watches, Orient became stuck with what it did best, making mechanical watches. ”

– Discount Watch Store Website, July 2006

Shogoro founded Yoshida Orient Watch in Tokyo, more than a century ago in 1901. And while the world back then was a very different place, everyone still needed to know what time it was – like today ‘s world.

In those early watch days, Orient Watch had some competition in the home watch industry. Seiko and Citizen were big names in the watchmaking industry, and for many years Orient was ranked as number three for watch companies.

Mechanical Watches

“What really sets Orient apart from other watch companies is that Orient has always focused on making its mechanical movements better and more reliable. It is unusual today to find a watch company that makes its own movement selling watches at prices offered by Orient. ”

– Discount Watch Store Website, July 2006

From the beginning to the present day, Orient Watch has focused on making the best mechanical watches that money can buy. The history of Orient Watch is interesting because Orient Watch is a company that started out with a good idea, and never went on a different course. For many years Orient Watch has helped produce high quality long lasting watches that anyone can afford.

Orient Watch History, Today

“In 1985 Orient and Seiko set up a joint factory. Orient produces a range of automatic and quartz watches ranging from relatively cheap (around 50USD / 50Euro) to very expensive (7000USD). Orient Star and Orient Star Royal are the middle and high – selling brands, and the Royal Orient as its flagship line. ”

– Orient Watch Company, Wikipedia, July 2006

Today, Orient Watch is known all over the globe. With manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Brazil, and Japan, Orient Watch today offers more styles and types of watches than ever before. Today, Orient Watch offers watches in many designs including quartz, light power, and of course mechanical.

“In the Japanese market, we supply high quality watches, such as” Orient Star Royal, “our prestigious mechanical watch series, which our customers have been trying to carry with them for many years. In overseas markets, our new outlets strategy is develop our products primarily in countries and areas with high economic growth potential, and increase our watch sales at budget prices. ”

– Mitsuo Mimura, President of Orient Watch, Orient Watch website, July 2006

Faire Orient

For over a century, Orient Watch has a reputation and respect in the watchmaking industry. Today, many other companies strive to achieve the success and high standards set by Orient Watch. For mechanical watches, Orient Watch is the first name in the business. For affordable quality, Orient Watch is one of the best choices in watches. But just take my word for it. Let the history of Orient Watch speak for itself.

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