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Hot take Wednesday. If beats to win the lightweight championship belt, Chandle…

Hot Wednesday. If @mikechandlermma defeats @charlesdobronxs to win the lightweight championship belt, Chandler will call @justin_gaethje and the @ufc will lead that fight. Entering the UFC from Bellator, Chandler said that on his list of contenders, Chandler wanted to fight Gaethje given their careers in different mma promotions. Currently, Mike Chandler and @dustinpoirier have had a bit of competitive beef due to Mike Chandler’s lack of fights in the UFC. So if the UFC is looking to increase the promotion of a grudge match between Dustin and Chandler, I can’t think of a better way than to let Chandler fight Gaethje after Dustin fights Mcgregor. Not to mention that since Gaethje’s last fight, Gaethje has yet to fight and he has been out of the conversation for the Champions due to his loss to Khabib and other recency contenders. ——————————————————

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