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How Sean O’Malley knocked out Thomas Almeida Throughout the opening round, Sean…

How Sean O’Malley Eliminated Thomas Almeida🔍 Throughout the first round, Sean is constantly looking for openings in Thomas ‘guard using head feints and parrying Thomas’ main hand. Around minute 2, Sean feigns a level change and shoots straight left. The purpose of the left hand wasn’t to do damage, it was to convince Thomas to slip under the shot, which left him exposed to a high left kick. Flush. Sean then feigns an uppercut to open Thomas’ guard and connects with a left top that knocks Thomas down. Sean’s understanding of how to handle reach with his reach and set traps using feints is baffling. He doesn’t operate on the same wavelength, almost as if he’s reading his opponent in slow motion. In the 2nd round, we continue to see Sean in his flow state. Constantly changing position and style, not allowing Thomas to collect any information. Sean will constantly switch from side kicks with a heavy Muay Thai base to staying light on his feet and handling reach like a taekwondo black belt. In the closing lap, Sean does what he does best, finding openings. He throws a front kick to the body to create space for a follow-up shot if Thomas comes back into the pocket. Thomas makes the mistake and passes with a lowered guard, Sean notices the opening and knocks Thomas down with a right to left counter. Followed by a right hand to polish the finish. Takeaway: Sean is a chameleon. Whatever style his opponent adopts, he will adjust his own style accordingly. His fluidity during exchanges resembles a young Dominick Cruz. Sean always keeps it sweet. Like Suga.

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