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How to Fight BlindFolded

Have you seen martial arts masters in the movies fighting blind or blindfolded? What do you think? Wouldn’t it be great to respond masterfully in a state of self-defense without looking? Yes, but you have to be realistic ….

Blindfolded – A Bit Closer Now

It is really possible and practical to learn to fight with your eyes closed. I’m sure you can imagine all sorts of benefits – the sensitivity training alone is worth the technique.

Like I said, yes, but you have to be realistic about your training.

The first requirement is to get closer to your opponent. You have to be excited, to feel what to do and how to react.

Fighting in the distance is a fantasy. Anyone who does it … is cheating, or hurting himself. It really is.

Take my word for it; it will be easier for you to train with your wrists 1000 times easier.

And talking about why your wrists should touch …

Find Styles that are already ‘Blindfolded’ Fight ‘

Probably the easiest way to learn about blind training or with your eyes closed is to find styles that already train this way … and are trained in it.

Chi Sao (Sticking hands) training from Wing Chun Gung Fu comes to mind. Also, Tai Chi Push Hands would fit the bill.

Both start from a neutral roll of some kind, where the wrists are touched. Since both training exercises are more like labs for experimentation than real fighting, you start with the wrists in a neutral position.

Then the feeling of being fighting this way is transferred without practically looking. And this includes function with the eyes … wide open.

Chi Chi Sao Wing

Chi Sao is a very straight line energy exercise. Everything is oriented towards the centerline of the body.

The movements are short and straight. In any case, you are asking your opponent to respond with a greater motion than yours. You take advantage of this.

Hands Press Tai Chi

On the other hand (forgiveness of the pun), in Tai Chi, the exercise is much more circular. The movements are bigger – wider.

What is at a disadvantage in one art is an advantage in the other art. And they both work for training to fight without looking – blind.

Going Business on the Other Blind Energy

It is certainly an option to study both styles, in order to fight with a blind eye. You get a broad perspective by being able to ‘fight wide’ AND ‘fight hard.’

If you are going to train in one or the other, make sure you find a style that deals with the energy of the other style. That is to say, if you fight wide, also learn to deal with tight, short-technique fighters. And if you get used to straight line openings, know what to do if someone lifts you out of the middle with large, circular movements.

One way or another … enjoy practicing martial arts.

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