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How to Fight Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite is a condition that affects almost every woman. It has nothing to do with being overweight as even very thin models are complaining about it. It is mainly caused by hormones and your mother and grandmother also give it down to you. There is really no escape from cellulite but you can fight it as best you can. Your eating habits and activity level determine how severe your situation would be. Here are some tips you can take to help you minimize the orange peel effect. First of all, fitness, nutritious food, and plenty of water.

Fitness is probably the answer to all fat-related problems. Lean meat works on your body as a constant fat burner and keeps your skin firm. You may notice cellulite on many beautiful actresses but how many times have you ever noticed this problem on athletes. How many famous runners, tennis players or professional swimmers have you seen with cellulite? Probably none. That’s because they’re always training and working out. This is proof that working out works.

The second most important factor is what you put in your body. If you eat healthy and nutritious food then your body will think about that. On the other hand if you are eating twinkies for breakfast and fattening lunch and dinner then you can guess what the results would be. The best thing you can do for yourself is to eat as many green leafy vegetables as you can, especially if they replace empty calorie snacks. Vegetables are full of low calorie nutrition. Whole grains are also recommended to replace white bread and rice to help reduce cellulite.

Water is also extremely important for purifying your body and skin. It cleanses your system including your skin and flushes out the toxins that contribute to cellulite. Try to drink the recommended amount of water, which is 6-8 glasses of water. If you find it difficult to drink so much water then you can supplement with fresh juices or even soup. They are all hydrating liquids. Coffee, soda and other diuretics are not considered liquids because they do the opposite, dry you up and dehydrate you.

It’s true that most women have cellulite but it’s also true that most of them don’t really fight either. If you are really determined you can get rid of cellulite. Make sure you follow all the tips above which are regular exercise, diet and water intake.

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