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How to Get Him Back After a Fight – Do This and Not That!

” My boyfriend and I broke up after a big fight and exchanged words I wanted that I could give back … ” Is that the situation you are in now? So you just had to fight with your boyfriend, you will be happy here that those big fights and even small ones help make the relationship stronger when you get back together again. Fights are bound to happen regularly for a healthy intimate relationship, it may not be fun but experts say it is an essential ingredient if you want to grow closer. It shows that you have invested so much that you want to fight it instead of just defeating each other.

To get it back successfully after a fight, here are a few simple things to do and should not be overlooked


Identify the basic question: First of all you need to remember that your big fight may be something much deeper than the surface issue, it may be accumulated fights that can be ignored or upsetting little things. , whatever the case identifies is the cause of your fight and try to resolve it from the root.

Stay as calm as possible: Even if it’s his fault, it doesn’t make sense to start pointing fingers and blaming him. Men are genetically engineered to avoid female confrontation which is why they go out when you start sounding like their mother. Take a deep breath, think of happy thoughts before you say what you have to say.

Listen: Maybe his version of the fight is different from your own version. Listen to what he has to say, pay attention to each point and address it with respect as you respond. If you have too much of the version of the fight that surprises you too much (trust yourself), ask questions “how long have you noticed this?” or “What changes do you want to see next? What do you want me to do next?” “This lets him know that you are listening and willing to make changes. Men tend to respond well when respected


Not bitterness: Women are very good at bitterness, don’t be tempted to say something naughty or ” bitchy ”, men can get this signal from your voice.

No gripe: Don’t grumble about something that happened in the past, your motto should be, if it doesn’t make me talk enough about it then, don’t give it up now. You get angry and everything is kept out of order.

Claiming the perfect excuse: While he admitted that he was wrong (or not), do not claim a perfect excuse. Just because you have a different view of what an expected apology should be, don’t make fun of it, let it still have its ego.

Do you believe that even though you had that great fight, your relationship is still worth saving? Even the worse break-ups were rescued and your own is no exception. It’s hard to get the right kind of advice to win it back after a fight, find out how many have renamed their sick relationship even in worse cases.

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