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How to Learn Savate With Martial Arts Video Training

Savate is a type of French martial arts also known as French foot fighting, French kickboxing and French boxing involving the use of hands and feet as weapons. Savate works through a combination of western boxing elements and elegant kicking techniques. Now beginners can learn the basic principles of Savate through video training on the martial arts.

Martial martial arts training videos on Savate will teach beginners how to use foot kicks, which are the only type of attack allowed – no grip or knee. When competing in Savate, you are only allowed 4 types of kicks and 4 types of pounds. Kicks include whip, chasse, reverse and low kick. The whip is an accurate house kick that touches the instep, and can be low, medium or high.

The chasse is the side or front piston action kick that can be low, medium or high. The back is a hooking kick that touches the bottom of your shoe and can be low, medium or high. The low kick is a front kick or a sweeping brush that touches the inner edge of the shoes and is made with a narrow back character. Pounds include the jab or lead arm, cross or back arm, hook or bent arm and hug associated with the use of either hand.

In mixed martial arts training videos there are the 3 levels of competition in modern Savate, namely: attack, pre-combat and combat. When attacking, you will be asked to focus on your technique and still contact your opponent; however, excessive force is not allowed. The pre-combat level will allow you to engage in full-strength combat, while you and your opponent are wearing protective gear such as helmets and shin guards. The final and most intense level is a combat that is similar to pre-combat, although no protective device is allowed, other than a mouth guard and groin protection.

Unlike other martial art forms that offer belt colors as their classification systems, in Savate you will train for glove colors. As a beginner, however, you will have no color. You may later train to rise to the successive levels: blue, green, red, white and yellow. You have to be in the yellow glove ranking and above if you want to compete. A silver glove is the highest ranking savateur (for men) or savateuse (for women).

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