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How to Stop a Dogfight – 5 Tips to Break Them Up

There are generally two types of dog fights – illegal dog fights and dog fights over the favorite bone or person in a heat cycle. But it can be dangerous to stop a dog fight in any way with the person in question being seriously injured or dying while trying to break up the fight, depending on its severity and the breed of dog. concerned. This article will focus on general dog fighting and will give five tips on how to stop fighting dogs without getting hurt.

Tip # 1

If the dog is between two small and medium sized dogs, ask the owners or two people to stick the dogs off the dorsal legs and quickly pull them apart in a circular or curling motion.

Once the dogs are completely pulled apart, hold on to their hind legs at all costs or they will re-attack the other dog or you. Everyone should drag their dog into separate rooms or fence themselves in the yard as the dogs are surrounded at the same time. Speed ​​is fundamental.

Tip # 2

If you are alone, keep calm and quickly grab a leash or separate something like the two dogs.

Quickly find a leash and loop it around one of the dog’s loin area (around the lower back above the back leg area). Grab the other dog by the hind legs and pull the dog up. The dogs will still want to attack each other, so quickly move the leased and detained dogs to a place where the leash can be tied, allowing the dog in hand to be moved to a separate location. .

Tip # 3

Many trainers recommend not using a stun gun, pepper spray or cattle article to break up a dog fight. Others recommend using a bottle of water filled with vinegar as it will instantly divert the fighting dogs — at least long enough to pull them apart.

What happens is the second the dog feels the cattle, the pepper spray, or the stun gun, he will immediately assume that the culprit is the other dog, intensifying the attack.

Tip # 4

“A dog can only block one person at a time” – this may be a true statement but it certainly doesn’t feel better to me – what about you? Dog bites can be avoided by keeping the hands and feet away from the head and teeth of fighting dogs at all times.

When dogs are fighting, the last thing they think about last week is learning how to “sit” and “stay” while relying on its owner in the leg or arm. Little Fido isn’t the sweet dog he was last week … at the moment, anyway. He’s defending himself, his favorite toy or his property — ironically maybe that’s the hand he’s holding.

Tip # 5

Use a broken stick for pit bull attacks or aggressive and vicious dog attacks, as it will be impossible to gain quick control without a head. The dorsal legs of stony bulls or similar breeds will not work to break up their dogs as their grip is ripped and torn.

The host of the green bull and many other aggressive dog breeds use the “lock and hold” mechanism. This makes the control of dog fights even worse, as damaged muscles and skin cause damage to the other dog.

The only way to break this type of opponent is to separate their hostages with a rest rod (necessary in multi-dog families) while someone else leases the dogs for control. This can be dangerous as all fighting dogs will divert their anger and aggression when pulled apart while still in attack mode. There are many things to know about how to stop a dog fight, but breeds should always be considered first.

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