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How to Wear Fur in Arizona: Your Complete Fur Fashion Guide

With all the crazy winter weather hitting the country recently, it was a great opportunity for fashionistas across the country to break out in the best furs. But with winter weather reaching many parts of the country, I wonder when is the right time to wear fur if you live in Arizona?

Because no polar vortex rarely blows through our area, people with a mink, sable or fox collection may have a harder time wearing them.

While fur is synonymous with cold, gentle winds and unsympathetic snow, current fashion trends are allowing for more space where it is appropriate to wear fur.

Full Length Styles

Arizona weather is usually hot and dry, but there are colder nights where you want to fight the fresh air while looking great. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a full length fur coat, especially for special nights out at the symphony or at a gala. Full-length coats are also ideal for a cold snap or anytime the evening temperature hits 30s and 40s. When wearing your full length fur, be sure to take it out and store it properly when you sit down so that there is no risk of pulling the fur hairs.

Fur is an easy choice for a cold evening. But how do you add fur to your everyday wardrobe?

Fur in All Seasons

More and more designers are including different styles to suit fur wear for everyday occasions. Top, mid-waist, or car coat lengths are perfect to wear when the air is lively.

Spring is a great time to add fur, since you are already transitioning your wardrobe from winter to warmer weather. Instead of a full length coat, opt for a shorter fur jacket with a lower fur density. (Don’t forget to store your full-length coat professionally during the warmer months.)

Lightweight fur vests and jackets should be your best friend this season. These layers can be easily paired with casual outfits and outfits. A fur vest can be worn with a thermal or a blouse with a simple long sleeve, depending on the temperature, and jeans with flats.

A fur jacket can add a new element of sophistication to your office wardrobe or a special date night. Fur is perfect for fun nights at home with your friends. Watch the heads turn.

If you want your fur to be even more versatile, wear it to a sporting event or during your vacation in the winter months. A sporting event like a football or hockey game is a stylish way to protect the elements. When wearing fur at a sporting event, easily go for the accessories and stick with a causal pair of jeans or leggings.

For those who travel, wearing fur protects you from the unpredictable cold spells while looking together.

Fun Fur Accessories

There are times when it’s too hot to wear an entire fur item, but that doesn’t mean fur can’t be part of your wardrobe. Fur trimmers and a warm fur flower are now on the runways.

Fur lined shoes are an unexpected way to show your love of fur. From pumps, to sandals, to flats, fur shoes give a new style to footwear. Fur handbags are being worn on the arms of supermodels and celebrities.

If you want to take advantage of this glam trend, design houses like Fendi have a full line of fur inspired handbags and accessories in whimsical colors. You must have these if you like heavy fabrics in your collection.

Even if you are in Arizona or another warmer state, never miss the opportunity to wear fur. Experiment and always wear your fur.

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