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I Don’t Know What the Judges Want, So I’m Gunning for the Finish

Bi Nguyen seems to have learned one of the most painful lessons in mixed martial arts – never leave it to the judges – the hard way. Since joining One Championship, Nguyen (6-7, 2-4 One) has been on the losing side in four decisions, while earning the judges’ favor only once when she defeated Ritu Phogat via split decision at One “Dangal”. . In her last appearance, Nguyen gave Jennifer Olsim a unanimous decision on One’s “Battleground 3.” While speaking to Sherdog, Nguyen confessed that she felt she had more control over her opponent at this point and that she couldn’t understand what the judges wanted.

“If there was ever a case, like a scientific case, to study what judges want and how to win decisions, I guess you’d have to look at my entire career because there have been so many times it didn’t go that way, like I think I should have won,” she said. “Then there are some times when people have argued that I won. It’s hard to find what they want. I personally think I controlled the fight better, got more takedowns, did more damage, but I think the judges saw that one drop and gave it to her. Who knows? To be honest, I don’t know what they want at this point. I thought I was more in control of this fight. It’s unfortunate that I have to feel this way, but I just can’t let it be based on choices anymore.”

Now Nguyen is scheduled to face Heqin Lin in One “Bad Blood”. This time, the Xtreme Couture rep is aiming for a finish so there’s no doubt about the winner.

“I definitely shoot on target. This camp, this fight, I’m really excited because I’m nervous again. I think I felt so comfortable with all the experience, I think that’s where the decisions came from. Simply comfortable. I was never really in danger, then I never really dominated to finish, I think I was a bit too comfortable. This fight, I’m nervous, I’m scared of losing and I think that’s a good thing. I think you’ll see me go out there and just not risk it, just take it all.

Nguyen also spoke about her upcoming television projects, moving her fight camps to Las Vegas and offering tips for some important fights to come.

Time stamp:

(00:00) Introduction
(01:32) Taking a little break from fighting to work on TV projects
(03:14) Moving to Las Vegas to prepare for the next fight
(05:08) Commentary on Lin’s performance against Phogat
(06:52) The development of their fighting game
(07:55) Loss to Olsim in July
(09:35) Selection of Bibiano Fernandes vs. John Lineker
(10:06) Your pick for Angela Lee vs. Nong Stamp
(12:11) Your involvement in AAPI
(13:12) Over

Tudor Leonte began writing about mixed martial arts for Italian media in 2013. His journey with Sherdog began in 2018 and he now covers One Championship and countless European shows. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr. Tudor Leonte.

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