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“I gave a heartbreaking speech…” – Jon Jones, Jackson-Wink kicked out of MMA! There is a reaction from the old master!

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After nearly twelve years of training in Jackson-Wink MMA, Jon Jones had to leave the club temporarily.

An adventure since 2009 Jon Jones with the club Jackson Wink MMA Just finished in Albuquerque. Or at least for an indefinite period.

As in the latest version MMA Time the coach betrayed Mike Winkeljohn, bones Temporarily suspended from training at the club. Reason? Recent legal issues.

We would like to remind you that a few weeks ago Jon Jones was arrested for several hours on charges of domestic violence and damage to a police car. His wife and three daughters bled from his mother’s nose and mouth, but she did not testify against him. bonesclaiming he did nothing wrong – she just pulled her hair. She asked the security guard at the hotel to call the police – because everything happened there – one of the actress’ daughters.

– This is a very difficult subject – Coach Winkeljohn admitted. – No doubt. This is one of the most difficult decisions. It broke my heart to be in a situation like this and I had to do it. But it’s okay. Not important. What is important to me does not have to be important to others. I will stick to my decision and stay true to my values.

– I’m disappointed. It’s difficult. The worst part was hearing that it was the daughters who told (the security guard) to call the police. I also have three daughters, I have a wife. I teach women self-defense. Things get tough when (Jon) is constantly in trouble.

– I talked to him. I told him, “Jon, that’s the deal. You’re like a little brother to me. You have to stop drinking and fix everything in time before you go back to the club.” So now he’s out of the club. Education is not allowed because I think it should be done. It would be insane to ignore this and expect different results.

Winkeljohn did not explain exactly what would have to happen for Jones to return to the club.

– He’s like a little brother to me but sometimes you have to tell him the truth – said. “Hopefully he’ll be back and come after a while.” But even if he doesn’t come back, it’s ok. I know in my heart that he can win the heavyweight championship. So I will lose some money. It’s possible. However, I have other values. I want to set a precedent for other club guests and other people. I am always ready to forgive, but you must move on. Let’s fix it. I know you can. I remain optimistic.

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interestingly, bones He quickly reacted to these public words from Mike Winjeljohn.

– Last night I had a heartbreaking phone call with one of my longtime coaches – Wrote to the deleted post excitement. “Losing the support of someone I highly respect is extremely painful.

– Sincere thanks to the other coaches who are still fighting with me. Our journey continues.

The Jon Jones trial is scheduled for October 26.

He has not been seen in action since February last year – after a controversial decision by a judge, he defended his light heavyweight gold in a match Dominickiem Reyesembones A return to the octagon is targeted in the second quarter of 2022. He counted on a match with the winner of the championship fight in the heavyweight category between them. Francis Ngannou I Cirylem Gane.

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