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For a time, it looked like Mike Perry would have a long-term place in the UFC based on his reputation as the only action fighter.

Recently, however, the welterweight has not been competitive and losses in four of his last five appearances at the Octagon – along with many issues outside the cage – have called into question his future with the Las Vegas-based promotion. Perry was bloody and battered on his last trip, throwing a three-round decision on Daniel Rodriguez in a typical case at the UFC on ABC 2 this past Saturday.

By the end of the race, Perry had a cut and swelling near his left eye, when his nose was already deformed, it looked like it had broken again. Most importantly, Perry did not offer much for his opponent other than a successful elimination at the end of Round 1, as he overcame a negligible count of 129 to 61 in major strikes.

While expressing confusion about his last fights, Perry revealed in a post-match statement that he has one more fight in the current UFC deal.

“I [used] to be wonderful. [I don’t know] what happened, “Perry wrote. “I have a fight on my contract. I will train hard, I will give everything for my family. Everything I have to do to give them a better life. I will bleed them every day if I have to. “

After working as an independent fighter with his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez as his only corner, Perry found a training home at the MMA Masters in Miami and also claimed to have found a new purpose after the recent birth of his son. “Platinum” has won just three of 10 promotional appearances since the start of its term with victories in four of its first five games.

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