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“I was angry!” – manager Mirosław Okniński was not happy with Jan Błachowicz’s defeat!

Head coach Mirosław Okniński has responded to accusations that Jan Błachowicz celebrated his defeat with Glover Teixeira at UFC 267.

The topic is a little off today, but after the October premiere UFC 267 manager in Abu Dhabi Miroslaw Okninski he spared no stick Jan Blachowiczlost the light heavyweight championship belt in favor Glovera Teixeiry.

The Warsaw coach said in numerous entries on social media: Prince of Cieszyn have a weak psyche, also referring to this “Inflated Star”it rested on his laurels.

The former champion made only one reference to the numerous tricks of the Warsaw coach. by Mirosław Okniński defeat was more joyful than victory under his leadership Michał Oleksiejczuk With Shamilem Gamzatovem.

In a recent interview with Jarosław Świątek z RAM Wilanów Martial Arts Academy However, he categorically denied that Jan Błachowicz celebrated the Arab defeat.

– Let me put it this way: this is a very wrong interpretation – said. – Overall, I’d say I can be happy that WCA lost, but I’m not happy that Janek Błachowicz – Pole, UFC champion – lost.

– I can say I’m ugly. I shouldn’t even have said this, but I was so angry that he lost. I was hoping to win, hoping he would knock out Teixeira in the first or second round.

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– I was counting on Janek to hold the belt. The thing is, some of our games and inter-club competition are small things compared to what matters to Poland. For Poland and Poles it is more important to have a UFC champion because it is more important for all MMA fighters.

– I was so angry that Janek lost and I shot there and said yes and yes. I was angry that such potential in Janek could be wasted. I was not happy.

– Janek said that I was more happy for Michał’s defeat than for his victory. Let me put it this way – for me Michał Oleksiejczuk is the most important player because I direct him. If you’re leading someone, you want that person to win. Why? Because then you win. If Michał Oleksiejczuk wins and trains at our club, I win. Michał’s victory is therefore above all for me, because I am a coach, I train someone and I want him to win.

– As far as all MMA sports are concerned, if Janek wins, it’s even better if the WCA wins. And it’s beyond discussion, because he holds the belt of the Polish champion. We are from Poland, Polish players are more appreciated and respected in the MMA world.

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– I was angry that he lost because I thought it was an opportunity to win.

Below is the full interview.

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