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I’m Afraid I’m Headed For A Separation Or Divorce Because My Husband Stormed Out After A Fight

I sometimes hear from wives who spent a night away from their husband because he stormed out after a fight. Sometimes the wives know where her husband has gone and other times, he is not ready to disclose this information. Regardless of the specifics, many women are tormented by this. No matter what the fight, it is clearly not appropriate for each other to be so angry that he is going to storm and sleep somewhere else. In fact, many wives are worried that this type of fight will result in separation or divorce.

Someone might say, “I’m very upset today. My husband and I have been in conflict for months. I guess money is at the heart of things, but honestly, I think there’s more My husband looks at me lately because he can’t deal with me at all, and he’s very angry at me, so it seems like we don’t agree with each other It used to be enough that we can even raise our voices or worry.But that’s not true anymore.Sometimes when my husband looks at me, I don’t see the love anymore.I said to my mother about this and she says that I am too active.She says you can not expect that your marriage will never be a conflict and that every couple will fight.But my husband and I have never fought like this before And this is becoming more and more frequent.I’m worried that things are just going to get worse and I’m starting to doubt that my husband does not love me the way he used to d that is a very big reason that people get separated or divorced. Am I offline here? I am free that my husband would want to sleep somewhere other than me. “

I certainly don’t think you’re offline. But I am biased. It was fights like the one you are describing that made my husband believe we were no longer in love or a match and in the end we almost parted and parted. So yes, fights and loss of intimacy or empathy are definitely the first steps on the way to getting your marriage in trouble. I don’t think you can ever be too worried about your marriage – as long as that worry makes you be proactive and try to make positive changes. If that’s the worst thing to happen when you get too active, well, that ‘s a positive and happy ending anyway.

Sure, everyone fights. But the way you fought can be incredibly telling. I once had a therapist who told me that she could tell which couples in pre-combat counseling would end a divorce just by looking at the way they fought. Couples who fought fairly and tried to reach a compromise or resolution by the end of the fight (even when they were very angry at the time) were more likely to stay together than couples who had fights that ended with someone only. so much always storming out or with the couple personally insulting each other and tearing each other down. This counselor said it was okay to be mad at the problem but did not want to get used to directing your betrayal to your spouse personally. She said couples whose personal fights had affected or affected someone who was walking out all the time were more likely to get divorced because they did not show the skills to move toward resolution.

That is not to say that this will happen to you or your marriage. But I give it up to illustrate the point that I don’t think you’re too active. When things settle down, you might sit down with your husband and tell him that you are very worried about the way things are going between you. Emphasize that you were upset and very worried when it went away and that it is important that you improve your ability to communicate and compromise so that this trend does not increase. Tell him you lose the easy relationship you used to have (when you could work things out much easier.) See how he responds. Maybe he is relieved and may be as worried as you are. Once the air is cleared, you may both put in more effort. It is very important to try to re-establish the connection and intimacy because as you have already seen, once it is gone, the fights usually escalate much more easily. When you have a strong relationship with your spouse, it is much easier to move past issues that would make a big fight with less intimate couples. It makes many things in your marriage much easier and much more satisfying.

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