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‘I’m going to try to knock Benson Henderson out’ at Bellator 268

Looking back on his defeat with the split of Islam Mammadov at Bellator 263 last July, the lightweight Brent Primus can not understand how he came out at the lost end of the fight.

From Primo’s point of view, the lack of aggression and the damage caused by Mammadov cemented that the fight should not have developed as it did in the eyes of the judges.

“Honestly, I feel like it was a weird fight,” Primus told “I do not feel that Islam was trying to end the struggle. He was not trying to advance his position. He was not trying to hit me hard. I feel like he’s defending himself all the time.

“I had absolutely no scratches on me, no bruises, no damage. It was just a weird fight. “It just sucks.”

Given how he did not dominate the match or lose decisively, Primus hoped to get another crack at Mamedov at some point.

“I feel like I was asking for that rematch, I wanted it so much, I feel 100% that I can knock him out if I fight him again,” said Primus. “It’s what it is. It’s hard to fight someone when they don’t want to fight.”

This Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona, Primus (10-2) will be looking to make a rebound when they face Benson Henderson (28-10) in a 155-pound bout at Bellator 268.

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“He will try to finish the fight,” Primus said of Henderson. “He will be active and he will punch and try to pass guard, he is not going to stop and do nothing. It will be a fast race. I think the fight between me and Benson will be awesome.

“I will try to knock him out. I worked on my cardio and wrestling and I’m excited. “This is a match that as soon as I signed the contract I was very excited.”

Primus hopes that with the victory over Henderson he will be able to claim the title he once held a few years ago.

“Benson is ranked # 3, so I’m going out there and I feel like I’m finishing Benson should I be in the title race or take that title later,” Primus said. “I know that (Sidney) Outlaw and Patricky (Pitbull) are ranked No. 1 and No. 2, and I think I should definitely fight for the belt or have an intermediate fight with one of these guys.

“I really think Patricio (Pitbull) should leave this zone or fight. “One of the light weights should be able to have that light title again.”