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“I’m ready! Just tell me when and where!” – Mariusz Pudzianowski accepts challenge from former rival

Mariusz Pudzianowski didn’t think much of it when his old rival invited him to dance again via social media.

W common main event saturday premiere KSW 64 In Łódź – and also the loudest fight on the list the whole world has written about – Mariusz Pudzianowski she did not give the slightest chance to her weight of almost 150 kilograms Serigne Ousmane Dia.

NS strong man a few atomic lows, then a strong right hand to dampen the charge. elephant from Africa, which fell lifeless on the boards. For all, one of the main builders of MMA’s high popularity on the Vistula River needed just 18 seconds.

Meanwhile, another media-strong daredevil has come to the fore that would be happy to quickly get involved. Pudzian for bars. He targeted the Pole… Erko June!

The Bosnian had the opportunity to pass the gloves with Mariusz Pudzianowski. In November 2019, he reached the Polish competitor with powerful hits, causing many problems, but eventually fell to the ground in the second round and was crushed by blows from above, ending the competition on the shield.

– Let’s do it again – Jun wrote Instagram. – People really want to see this! Truth?

for an answer Pudziana Bosnia did not have to wait long.

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– I am ready! – Wrote in response to the comment section. – Just say when and where?

– Popular Erko Jun challenged “Pudzian” to fight again – wrote on your profile Mariusz. – Hm … What do you think about this, fans?

The defeat against Mariusz Pudzianowski in 2019 was a first in Erko Jun’s career. The 31-year-old Bosnian was last seen at work at a gala event last September EMC 5 lose by heavy knockout Damian Olszewski.

Pudzian However, he was associated with the media for several months. Mamedem Halidovem. Both want to fight right now Roberto Soldier chechen and bosses KSW expressed interest in such a combination, but after Saturday’s premiere KSW 64 Mariusz Pudzianowski, however, instead I don’t want to fight Mamed Khalidov.

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