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In UFC 261 this weekend, the champ Kamaru Usman returns to defend the Welterweig…

In UFC 261 this weekend, champion Kamaru Usman returns to defend the welterweight belt in a rematch against Jorge Masvidal. My breakdown is as follows: Jorge Masvidal (35-14) Rank: Masvidal is an experienced veteran. His best assets include his fighting IQ, crisp boxing, incredible footwork, use of combinations and counters, excellent head movement, unexpected punches, effective stance changes, strikes and grappling hooks. incredible, and power in his hands and legs. His main weapons include his jab, power and precision in his hooks / uppercuts / crosses in both hands, incredible right hand knockdown, knees and elbows, nasty combos especially his cross combo while changing stance, and has nasty, quick kicks to the head / body / leg. What he needs to do is use his footwork and combos, mix up his strikes, use knees and uppercuts to counter Usman’s takedown attempts and keep the fight within boxing reach. He should be aware not to keep their backs on the fence as we saw in their first fight, Usman’s wrestling and melee, not to be stuck on the fence and the ground, and the mighty ones. Usman punches. Kamaru Usman (18-1) Rank: Usman is the champion for a reason. His main strengths include his physical strength, high cardio, pace, power in both hands as he fights tremendously from both positions, Fight IQ, uses combos and counters effectively, and phenomenal grappling. His best weapons include his powerful two-position jab / cross / overhand, effective front head and body kick, powerful hooks, powerful body and leg kick, overwhelming melee control. and body shots, and a vicious ground and pounding. What he has to do to win is put pressure on Masvidal against the fence using his jab, squeezing him and bringing him down from there to control him and use his pitch and hammer. In addition, he must mix his strikes and use combinations. He needs to be aware of Masvidal’s boxing, knees and uppercuts when shooting and recklessly trading with Masvidal at the boxing field. My prediction: Usman by unanimous decision. Your predictions?

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