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Intense training with Salahine Parnasse [WIDEO]

The fighting style and determination Salahdine Parnasse enters into the arena makes many fans eagerly await their next skirmish. A workout that the players never gave up was published on French social media.

it’s no secret Saladin Parnaz (15-1-1) now seeks to return to the throne of the Featherweight Division in KSW. He lost the belt in January this year after being relegated to the boards in the first round against his opponent. Daniel Torres (12-4). However, it’s already back. At the 61 gala, the Croatian took Nitro and, controlling the course of the battle, finally surrendered before the end of the second round.

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It is currently unknown when the former champion will return to the cage. Because of his abilities, many people are interested in what is going on with him. The French made public part of the discussion with UAE Warriors to meet the expectations of their buyers, Souhilem Tahrim (4-3-1). At first glance you can see the difference in kilograms, which is not surprising because the 30-year-old player competes in the category up to 77 kilograms. Check out how Parnasse deals with a much heavier “competitor”.

Source: Instagram/Salahdine Parnasse