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Invicta Watch Reliability – An Invicta Watch Dealer’s Take

I recently received a call from a customer who was unhappy with their recent purchase. He had bought the Invicta Watch with the Swiss Quartz Movement. After about six months of use, the watch began to run rapidly. I advised the customer to send their watch to Invicta’s authorized service center. Invicta fixed the watch, but sent a bill for repairs. The buyer asked me to pay the bill. I told the buyer that the watch only came with a manufacturer’s warranty. I can’t set everyone’s watch. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Although I wish this never happened. However, there are Invicta products that are more reliable than others.

As already mentioned, the watch purchased by the customer had a Swiss Quartz movement. While the Swiss have the best reputation for creating fine timepieces, this is primarily limited to mechanical movements that are self-winding or automatic. Quartz movements on the other hand are notorious. Most Invicta watches are quartz. I recommend customers who buy Invicta Quartz Watch Watch with Japanese quartz movement. This is a similar movement made by Japanese watch brands like Casio, Seiko, and Citizen us.e. These brands have a much better reliability reputation. Invicta Watch with Japanese quartz movement is as reliable as any of the Japanese brands, I never get complaints about these watches. If you are concerned about watch Invicta Watch and reliability, please buy Japanese Quartz.

Of course Invicta offers more than just quartz watches. they also offer self-winding and automatic mechanical watches. How do they work? The answer is not straight forward. Automatic watches are usually good. Automatic watches in particular with excellent Swiss MTE movement. ETA makes about 90% of the world’s automatic movements, but this movement is usually only seen on more expensive Invicta watches, typically $ 500 plus. Non-ETA movements are usually performed by Invicta and are generally trusted. The watch is unlikely to last multiple generations but usually does not break after six months either. Invicta automatic watches can also start as low as $ 50 so they are not too expensive. All Invicta self-winding watch movements are performed. Although I have not received any complaints about this, I do sell very few. So I don’t think I’m qualified to comment. however, they are cheap and start at around $ 100.

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