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Invicta Watches – Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Automatic Two Tone Watch 8928 Review

If you are a serious watch collector, then this one will be hard to forget. The price of Invicta men’s two wave automatic watch number 8928 from Invicta watches is one great watch at the great price. Perhaps one of the best watches you can find at this price. This watch is a sight to behold and a treasure. The appearance, finish and craftsmanship are outstanding, and you certainly can’t beat this at this price. Not only this particular watch, but the Invicta diver pro 89xx series is all excellent. Similar models of professional diving watches have kept watch company Invicta at the forefront among automatic watch manufacturers today. It’s hard to find a diving watch with these numerous features in the $ 100 range.

As we look at this watch, many of us will notice the look and feel of Rolex, but it is certainly not close to Rolex in terms of pricing. Watch collectors know that Invicta watches with classic and attractive designs are an excellent value. The gold plating makes this watch look fabulous. The bracelet has a 23K gold platting on it, which goes very well with its overall look. Not only does the watch look great, but it also feels light on your wrist.

The Invicta 8928 features a Japanese Miyota 21 jewel movement, which is clearly visible through the clear case back from the watch. While some people might disagree and argue that the automatic movement of a watch is not as accurate as quartz, which is true. You may have experienced that some automatic watches last about 1 to 3 minutes each week, but having said that if you know how to handle an automatic watch you would not be disappointed with this Invicta 8928 pro diver. Invicta watches are known to generate reliable and accurate automatic movements. After almost two decades of quartz movement the companies are still manufacturing and people are buying automatic movement watches and that alone speaks the truth about automatic watch technology. However, like any other automatic watch, this watch will stop after 24 hours unless wind blows. But when it stops, you can easily start the watch by gently shaking the watch side by side or by pulling out the stem in the watch and winding it up.

The automatic movements require much more care with the watches, because the mechanisms inside these watches are delicate. But for those unfamiliar with the automatic movements, the Invicta 8928 is an outstanding diving watch in a $ 100 price range.

The case of this watch is made of stainless steel while the bracelet has 23K yellow gold plating. The case and bracelet make this watch look more contemporary, fashionable and brighter, more like expensive Swiss watches. The watch has a blue dial, which is quite radiant and goes very well with the color of the bezel. The dial is easy to read even in the dark. The bezel is a one-way turn type. The back case is easy to see, so you can see the movements of the watch. The date window is located at three o’clock. The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters (about 660 feet).

Overall, this Invicta watch is definitely a cool move mainly because of its features and value. The watch has a very satisfactory fitting, finish and design. You can’t expect more features from a diver’s watch in the $ 100 price range. In many terms it’s just the right watch.

A small note here, however, this watch comes with a Swiss automatic movement version, but overall customer feedback reveals that it is not as good as the Japanese Miyota version. It may or may not be true. But one thing is for sure if you are a watch collector, your Invicta 8928 is definitely a good addition to your collection.

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