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Israel Adesanya reacts to Paulo Costa vs. Marvin Vettori war: ‘They’re both sh*t’ – MMA Root

Israel Adesanya reacts to Paulo Costa vs. Marvin Vettori war: ‘They’re both sh*t’

Israel Adesanya won’t lose sleep if he ever has to get revenge with Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori.

The two middleweight contenders (competing light heavyweight due to Costa negotiating a change of fight week) battled five thrilling rounds in Saturday’s UFC Vegas 41 main event, and Vettori walked away with a unanimous win from the judges.

After the breakdown before the competition, Adesanya also filmed himself watching the fight and uploaded the footage to YouTube. He began by criticizing Costa’s behavior.

“It’s hard to look at [Costa] the same thing, ”said Adesanya. “Like, everything [expletive] for me now just fugazi. It has always been this way, but as if you saw it. “

It was Costa’s first fight since fighting Adesanya for the UFC middleweight title at UFC 253 last September. In the second round, Costa ended with strikes, the first loss of his professional career.

Vettori also played Adesanya. In his second bout against The Last Seeker of Style, Vettori lost by unanimous decision in the main event of UFC 263 this June. Observing Vettori, Adesanya was not impressed either.

“How Vettori throws punches and kicks with virtually no threat behind his back,” Adesanya said, analyzing the action on Saturday. “No cotton, no bite.”

He went on to mock Kosta for a rare fight show in the third.

“Wow, he shot for the damn double leg!” – said Adesanya. “Best game, okay, let’s see. It is interesting. They’ll grab him. Guillotine. (inaudible) Oh, what the fuck was that? … Literally the way * you can see it. It was terrible “.

Despite the fact that the fight went back and forth, Adesanya was light in his praise and at one point seemed to imitate a dream. When someone off-screen noticed that he was catching several Zs during Fight of the Year, Adesanya chuckled.

“I told you both of them are shit,” Adesanya said.

Adesanya was also asked if he had any pointers for Costa to make 185 pounds after the weight loss drama and losing to Vettori. In his advice, he warned Costa not to try to emulate the urban kickboxing formula for success.

“[Costa] did the right thing, ”said Adesanya. “Internal kicks, I wish he did it more, I would like him to stay with the inside legs, because it worked. At some point, he tried to make a feint, but he liked it, so close. It’s like bro, this is what Twist (trainer Tristam Apikotoa) says: people try to copy what we do, but they don’t understand the levels or use of what we do. They just think, “Looks nice. Everyone is using it. ” They are trying to copy it, but it is not the same. “