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Jake Paul Doubles Down On Callout Of “Fat Ass” Daniel Cormier – MMA Root

Jake Paul is not going to let go of the sudden feud between him and Daniel Cormier or the idea of ​​fixing it in a boxing ring.

Yesterday, it was reported that Jake Paul had called Daniel Cormier in for a fight after Cormier objected to a backstage confrontation between Tyron Woodley and Paul’s crew member J’Leon Love. One might have expected this to be another tweet from Paul talking random trash that would be forgotten in about 24 hours. That could have been what was on track to happen until Daniel Cormier actually answered the call.

Cormier expressed that he has no interest in fighting Paul, who said he has not earned the right to fight someone like him. He then suggested that Paul fight someone like Tyron Woodley or Luke Rockhold.

The story doesn’t end there folks, because Jake Paul is coming back after Cormier a lot tougher than he did on his initial call. Not only does Paul assure Cormier and the general public that he would beat up the former double UFC champion, but he also believes that Cormier is guilty of being a friend of Fairweather and supporter of the fallen Ben Askren (transcript via Jed Meshew).

“So many fake motherfuckers in this generation,” Paul said of brother Logan Paul. IMPAULSIVE podcast. “Daniel Cormier, (imitating) ‘That’s my son Ben, he’s going to beat Jake, he shoved him in the face so he can win now, chirp, chirp, chirp.’ I knock him out and he’s on Twitter, ‘Ben, are you serious, bro, did you fall like that? Ben, are you kidding me? Ben, I can’t believe you did that to the MMA community. ‘ Shut up the fucking bitch. I’ll give your fat ass a beating too, like Stipe did. Cleveland shit. I swear to God, I’ll beat up Daniel Cormier. “

Despite poking fun at Cormier’s bodyweight and his losses to former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, Paul insists he respects Cormier. However, some of that respect dissipated after DC’s tone changed after Ben Askren was knocked out on Saturday.

“I respect him, I think he’s great, he had an incredible career,” Paul said of Cormier. “I am grateful for what he has done for the MMA community. But don’t turn your boy on like that! Show your true character. And by the way, I will fight him. Let’s run pay-per-view. “

Clearly, Jake Paul is not backing down on the idea of ​​fighting Daniel Cormier, and there is no evidence that he is kidding one bit with this challenge. Regardless, aside from the fact that Cormier is a retired fighter who is now focused on his duties as an analyst, he’s also quite a bit heavier than Paul, as Paul scoffs at DC’s bodyweight references. That said, there is no realistic path to this fight that has ever been done. But don’t expect that to stop YouTube’s bronze personality from hanging around and continuing to raze the MMA community.

Would you like to see a fight between Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier if it really could be put together?

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