Jake Paul Has A Dare For “Coked-Up” Conor McGregor – MMA Root

Jake Paul challenged Conor McGregor following his alleged incident in Italy.

McGregor reportedly attacked Italian DJ and TV presenter Francesco Facchinetti over the weekend. The report says that an Irishman attacked him at an event, resulting in a broken nose.

McGregor was in Italy for a holiday when he and his fiancée Dee Devlin baptized the couple’s third child, Rian, at the Vatican in Rome before being handed the key to the city. Reports say McGregor unprovoked the attack on the DJ, causing Paul to shoot the former UFC champion.

“Cocaine Conor loves to play tough guy with musicians … Conor PLEASE try something when you see me !!” – posted by Paul on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, Jake Paul has something to say about the latest incident with Conor McGregor. The cocky youtuber-turned-boxer has been preparing for a fight with the Irishman ever since he started boxing and made a splash in the world of combat sports. He publicly sent him a couple of suggestions and even created a necklace in which McGregor knocked him out of order and sent it to Poirier to try to penetrate the Irishman’s hide.

Paul is a 4-0 boxer and won a split decision over Tyrone Woodley in August. He is in talks to face Tommy Fury next, and perhaps if he wins, the fight against McGregor will take place if the UFC allows it, as it will be a massive fight. However, while the Irishman has signed a contract with the UFC, it is unlikely that there will be a fight between the two.

As for McGregor, this is only the last incident he has been involved in, as he recently got into a run-in with multi-platinum artist Machine Gun Kelly. McGregor last fought at UFC 264 in July, where he was defeated by TKO to Dustin Poirier in a fight in which he broke his leg.

What do you think of Jake Paul’s courage to Conor McGregor?