Jake Paul ignored coach’s advice to deliver knockout against ‘joker’ Ben Askren at Triller Fight Club – MMA Root

Jake Paul actually went against his coach’s advice with a crushing right-handed punch that ended Ben Askren’s night in the Triller Fight Club main event.

That’s according to the 24-year-old powerhouse-turned pro boxer who went 3-0 in his career Saturday night after killing Askren in just 1:59 in the first round.

The knockout came in a dramatic fashion after Paul hit Askren with a left jab and then followed him with a brutal right-handed punch that flattened the former UFC fighter. Askren managed to get back on his feet, but the referee did not consider it necessary to continue the fight, and the fight was stopped.

Paul then explained that he was mindful of the sequence that led to his third consecutive knockout win.

“I definitely set him up,” Paul said during a press conference after the fight. “All the fight I went to the body. I barely hit him. My check-hook fucked him. I set it up all the time. For that moment, I saved my right hand. I knew that he did not foresee this.

“My coach in the corner said, ‘Don’t load, don’t load! »This is what he told me to the whole camp – don’t load, don’t load! But it seemed to me that this guy is a joker. I’m loading now, coach, I’m sorry. “

Paul, following his own advice, apparently paid off after dealing with Askren faster than either of his two previous opponents.

In fact, Paul predicted that he would make Askren’s job easier, especially knowing how the former Bellator and ONE champion would likely approach their fight in their first boxing match.

“That is, I said this all the time. I said this fight will be easier than Nate Robinson, ”said Paul, recalling his second-round knockout victory over the former NBA player in his previous fight. “Nobody believed me as usual. At one point I was a loser as a favorite, I won’t let you forget that. I was a failure. Sounds crazy, but I was a loser.

“I knew it would be easier because Nate Robinson was weird. He fought like a random guy on the street. I knew that Ben would sit there like a typical MMA fighter, just not moving his head, and his body would be wide open. I’m too strong. Cows in Ohio make a different type of protein, and when I sit there and dump hay since I was 10 years old, I get really thick shit on my hands. “

Considering the salary Paul received for his fight against Askren on Saturday night, he will undoubtedly get a lot of offers as potential opponents will waste no time calling him.

For his part, Paul is not yet ready to talk about his future after several emotional weeks before the fight. He lost a close friend after one of his security guards died recently, as well as in connection with allegations of sexual assault brought against him by the TikTok star earlier this week.

Paul vehemently denied these allegations.

“Honestly, I will do whatever I want,” Paul said when asked what awaits him next. “I feel like I’m living in a dream now. To be honest, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do these interviews well right now, because in the last 10 days I’ve had so many thoughts and I had to hold back. I had to endure a lot of hard shit. Accusations. Death. The list can be continued, and I do not know what awaits me next.

“I’ve been traveling for 14 months, fought three times. I said a lot of shit. I don’t know what’s next. I’m just going to enjoy my life for a second. “

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