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Jake Paul says he made more than $40 million from his boxing career in 2021 – MMA Root

Jake Paul says he made more than $40 million from his boxing career in 2021

No wonder Jake Paul quickly became the most popular player in boxing after a very successful 2021 campaign.

As part of a series of tally of the highest paid YouTube stars of the year, Forbes placed Paul 2nd overall, estimating that the 24-year-old social influencer received $40 million from his boxing career, as well as an additional $5 million earned from his career. videos, endorsements and other business ventures.

While promoters such as Triller and Showtime, who worked with Paul last year, do not disclose the full financial details of payouts to athletes, Problem Child has shown that the $40 million figure is actually slightly below his actual income in 2021. .

“My dad called me today and asked if today’s numbers are inflated,” Paul wrote on his Instagram account. “[He said] “I knew you were close to it, but did you really do it?” The answer was: “Yes, dad, and in fact the numbers are a little underestimated.” Mind you, I don’t lie to my father and he knows everything about my life. Even my brother thought the numbers were lower (according to my father). [conversation] with him).

“Forbes often overestimates the number of made. In 2018 when I made the list, I made $17 million and they reported $22 million as far as I know. They are actually behind on this day and the numbers are actually low. Most celebrities would say, “Praise the Lord, I’m so blessed,” but I’m saying that any regular motherfucker could do this shit if you’re sick and willing to die for your cause.”

Paul, 24, certainly made the most of his year with three high-profile fights, including his first outing in 2021 when he made quick work of former UFC fighter Ben Askren with a first-round knockout.

That fight was under the banner of Triller, but then Paul signed a multi-fight deal with Showtime to allow the Viacom-owned network to take over as his promoter.

In September, Paul won a split decision over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in a highly publicized fight that took place in Cleveland. The total sales of this pay-per-view card is reported to have reached almost 500,000 purchases.

Then, in December, Paul returned for a rematch with Woodley and landed one of the most devastating punches of the year, hitting Woodley with a shot that sent him face down to the canvas in the sixth round.

It’s currently unknown when Paul will return in 2022, but considering how much money he made last year, it’s likely that opponents will jump at the chance to take him on.