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Jake Paul has presented evidence that he has beaten “Platinum” Mike Perry in a training session.

After a KO win over Ben Askren last night, Jake Paul has been riding high and enjoying his victory lap. Many of his detractors are challenging Paul to back up his tough talk by beating an MMA fighter who has more pronounced punching skills than Askren, who relies on grappling. But according to Paul, it already has.

“Platinum” Mike Perry is known primarily for being a forward. Also, he has competed in boxing before (although only once in a losing effort). So if, hypothetically, Jake Paul outperformed Perry, then he would have met the criteria set by a large segment of the public. After Dustin Poirier suggested that Paul box Mike Perry next, Paul revealed that he had already done so in a training session and provided evidence that there is nothing “hypothetical” showing his boxing superiority over Perry.

Mike Perry issues a response to Jake Paul’s video

In the video shared by Paul, Perry can be heard clearly saying “You kicked my ass” to Paul after both men had visibly finished finishing a training session. After the video was released, Perry took to Twitter and did not appear to completely deny Paul’s account. However, he added a bit of additional context behind the video and hinted that it did better than his own “he kicked my ass” comment.

“I was asking @jakepaul and his team to help me be great. We train 6 rounds. The fifth and sixth rounds were my best rounds. First it caught me and then I made the adjustments. I showed up to train just me, my girl and my baby, ”Perry wrote.

It’s unclear when exactly the training session took place, but after losing to Daniel Rodriguez last week, Perry used the phrase “He used to be great” in his post-fight statement. Based on the similarity of the language in those comments to what you encounter in your response to Jake Paul, it is possible that the training session took place within the past week. Ironically, even though Perry fought Paul, he recently made headlines lamenting the fact that Ben Askren would receive a higher payday in his career for yesterday’s stunt fight.

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